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Dr. Mohiuddin Majed Chowdhury

Asthma & Critical Care Specialist Dhaka Medical College Hospital

MBBS, BCS (Health), MD (BSMMU)

General Practitioner

Dr. Tamim Al Mishu

Senior Medical Officer, IBN Sina Medical College Hospital

MBBS, MPH, CCD, PGT(Medicine & Cardiology)

General Practitioner

Dr. Ashir Inteshar

Project Research Physician,icddr,b


General Practitioner

Dr. Shafiul Islam

Research Fellow, icddr,b

MBBS, MPH ( Epidemiology )

Meditor Overview

Meditor Health is working to make doctor consultation accessible, safe and hassle fee to everyone through digital technologies and in partnership with verified doctors. Meditor Health provides multi-dimensional online consultation of both GP and specialist doctors through Meditor mobile app & EMR software. Also, we are introducing prescription writing software at doctor chamber as well as providing several referral services.

Meditor Health was founded by Md. Jahangir Alam Khan who is a software engineer and leads the tech & business development team. Dr. Aashir Intesher, Dr. Majed Mohaiminul and Dr. Tamim Al Mishu has joined the company as co-founder and now lead the health service & medical operation team.

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E-14/X, ICT Tower (BCC Bhaban), Dhaka 1207

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+880 1735981845

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